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Social media steering the heights of journalism: Expert

Kolkata, Sept 18 : Social media is raising the bar of journalism constantly, said  journalist and American digital media trainer Mandy Jenkins where speaking here recently about the impact of social media on news dissemination.

Mandy was present in the city sharing her experiences about the effective tools for advanced news gathering and effective crowd sourcing for content.

“Social medium has made the spill of information easy and effortless. The majority of the people today in an advanced society will scoff at the idea if someone is unaware about the popularity of these social media outlets,” she said here at the American Center.

“Net users cannot deny the fact  how informative and helpful these tools are. The most popular being  Facebook,  Google, Twitter, LinkedIn’ and the list continues,” she said.

“There is always an alternative site waiting to get us informed. But there is so much in addition with it that is just raising the bar of journalism constantly. From advertisements to business and then to making money,” she said.

Talking about business and money, Mandy in her press interaction said: “The people who can save journalism are the people who understand business and know  how to make money. It can be said that in a way it is all linked.”

Mandy Jenkins, who is the Open Newsroom Editor of Storyful, also spoke about the authenticity of the important videos uploaded on sites.

“Social media is a place where everyone can publish. It meets the audience and their requirements. Therefore it’s a two-way process. We get to know what we want to know and moreover it’s cheaper,” said the U.S. social consultant in a lighter vein.

(Reporting by  Prashanti Banerjee, Images by Soumyadeep Pal)  /IBNS

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