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Gadkari gets ECI notice for violating the Model Code of Conduct

New Delhi, Oct 6 : Ahead of the Maharashtra Assembly polls, the Election Commission of India on (ECI) Monday send issued notice to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for violating the Model Code of Conduct.

The Commission directed Gadkari to explain his statement by 5 pm on Oct 8 where he appeared to urge people in poll-bound Maharashtra to accept bribes for their votes.

According to the press release issued by the Election Commission, Gadkari had said: “Now, I am watching your faces and I have some skill of predicting the future by way of face reading. You have an oppurtunity of “Laxrni darshan” in next 10 days. Special people to get foreign made, ordinary people to get local brand, Am I right? Sisters, elderly sisters….Sarees for old women, Pant shirt for a young boy and all are “Gandhivadis” asking for Rs. 5000/-. ln these days of inflation, keep one thing in mind, eat what you wish and drink what you desire. Keep whatever you get. This is the time when illegally earned money can go to poor. Therefore, do not say no to “Laxrni”. But think while you vote. Your vote should be for the development of Maharashtra.”

Gadkari had made the remarks while campaigning in Maharashtra.

“Whereas, your aforesaid statements amount to abetting and promoting the electoral offence of bribery within the meaning of section 171B read with section 17lE of the Indian Penal Code,1860, as it, inter alia, includes offering food,drink or entertainment etc , and Whereas, the Commission is, prima facie, of the opinion that by making the aforesaid statements you have violated the above said provision of Model Code of Conduct;Now, therefore, the commission gives you an opportunity to explain your stand in making the above said statements by 1700 hrs of 8th October, 2014 failing which the ECI shall take a decision without further reference to you.” read the statement issued by the ECI.

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