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Chilling Kahaani “serial killer” experiments with looks in Tollywood

Kolkata, June 7: From serial killer in Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani to topper in pick-pocket institute: the versatile Saswata Chatterjee tinkers with looks and roles, be it his memorable Bollywood debut some years ago or essaying characters in Bengali film industry Tollywood.

After flaunting the look of a non-plussed serial killer in Kahaani and a 70-plus retired cop in Bonkubabu, actor Saswata Chatterjee will take the audience and fans to the 70s era of Rishi Kapoor in a new Tollywood flick where he will essay a ‘gifted’ pick-pocket.

Tinkering with the look of Saswata- who chose not to shift to Mumbai despite several big offers after Kahaani- a Bengali under production film, Mon Churi (Stealing the Mind), projects Saswata Chatterjee in the colourful attire of a best scoring pick-pocket student who sports ‘albert hair’, a craze of the 70s and bright colored floral print shirts.

“I am always enthusiastic about new looks which gel with my role. Mon Churi is a comedy where my character as the best student in an institute of thieves and pick-pockets has larger than life realism. I like the looks,” Saswata said after the look test of the film.

“From Meghe Dhaka Tara to Bonkubabu and 89 I had always been particular about looks since that go hand in hand with the character. Across all genres of films,” Saswata said.

“Saswata Chatterjee is the protagonist of the college where he is the owner of a para saloon and gets enrolled to the institute for acquiring the skill to steal somebody’s mind (Mon Churi). But he is forced to join the rank of real time pick pockets since that forms the main curriculum. And in between he has lots of hilarious scenes involving Kharaj Mukherjee,” debutant feature film director Premasish Dey said.

The Belaseshe actor Kharaj, a veteran in Bengali film industry now and known for his comic roles, is the teacher of the institute, who sports a giant moustache akin to the cops.

“Kharaj heads the gang, he is the expert and hence to show his profile we experimented with his looks. Kharaj will be eclipsed by Saswata with his skill of emptying someone’s wallet and removing mobile with nimble fingers and there will be hilarious scenes involving the two. Mon Churi will not be a social documentation but have dollops of
Bengaliness and aimed at creating a larger than life layered effect for two hour entertainment value,” director Premasish said.

“The two are the best bets for such roles to hold unreal portrayals as real,” he said.

Multiple award winning make-up man Azad Ahmed again wields the brush and scalpel for Mon Churi and brings back the Uttam Kumar flavor in the image makeovers.

“Azad’s father had done the make-up of Uttam Kumar and who else but him to work out the looks of every respective character. Though the theme can’t be bound by time or any period in particular, I consciously went for the retro-look of 70s for nostalgic reasons as Bengali audience has a fondness for that period. Also Apuda’s (Saswata’s) varied look as a para don in Bhooter Bhabisyot acted as the reference point for this film,” Dey said.

Popular Tollywood music man Raja Narayan Deb of Bhooter Bhabisyot fame will score the background music of the film.

“Raja will be the perfect choice since both films had elements of stretching out imagination,” the director said./IBNS

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