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“knowledge” (“ilm”) is the focal point of all religions : Modi

New Delhi, June 15: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today described “knowledge” (“ilm”) as the focal point of all religions. Addressing an eminent gathering of scholars, historians and diplomatic representatives at the release function of the book, “Education of Muslims: An Islamic Perspective of Knowledge and Education – Indian Context”, the Prime Minister said education can become the strength of the entire SAARC region. He said if the region does not embrace modernity, it will get left behind, as the rest of the world progresses.

The Prime Minister said it is the good fortune of people living in India, that we have the opportunity to follow, understand and learn so many different religions, and strands of thought, at one place.

He said today, India is free of the disease of polio, and India is ready to assume responsibility for eradicating it from the entire SAARC region. In this context, the Prime Minister also spoke about India’s SAARC satellite, which will work for the benefit of the entire SAARC region.

The Prime Minister said the book can help us in our efforts towards “understanding each other” – understanding different points of view. He complimented the book’s editor, Shri J.S. Rajput. The Prime Minister also complimented Shri Sirajuddin Qureshi, who has written the foreword for the book.

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