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Floods: Mufti Muhammad Sayeed expresses his commitment to rehabilitate the victims

Srinagar, Sept 7 : Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed on Monday expressed his commitment to fully rehabilitate the victims of September 2014 deluge and reconstruct the flood-ravaged infrastructure.

“Rehabilitation of the flood-affected continues to be a work in progress, but there are still gaps in entire rehabilitation and reconstruction process which need to be filled at the earliest,” Mufti Sayeed said while chairing the state Cabinet meeting here today.

On Sept 7, 2014, the Kashmir Valley witnessed an unprecedented flood that submerged almost the entire civil lines areas and commercial hubs of Srinagar. The flood waters took over a month to drain out.

According to Chief Spokesman of State Government, Naeem Akhtar, the Chief Minister told his cabinet colleagues that reconstruction of the flood-ravaged infrastructure has already been taken up and visible progress made in restoring road communication network, bridges, healthcare and educational facilities.

“Work is in progress in other sectors as well and the rehabilitation and reconstruction process is going on,” he said and hoped that the Centre will partner with the state government in not only reviving the livelihood of the flood-affected people but also in rebuilding a safe and stable Jammu and Kashmir.

“While September 2014 deluge left behind a trail of destruction, devastating both private and public infrastructure, but the most remarkable facet at that horrible point in time was the awesome power of human kindness and compassion that enveloped us as hundreds of volunteers and forces personnel streamed into the deluged areas for rescue and relief operations,” he said and added that these volunteers, especially the youth, worked tirelessly for weeks to help us get back on our feet.

“We will be forever grateful to all who supported us during those testing times in our hour of need,” he said and added the devastating floods showed us that the new generation of Kashmiris has come of age and they have taken the centre-stage.

Mufti said the September 2014 flood took lives and destroyed livelihood.

“It demolished public and private assets and devastated the state economy,” he said and added that while the flood shook every foundation in sight, it laid a new foundation of rebuilding a secure and stable Jammu and Kashmir.

Sayeed said the state government has got down to a time-bound plan of action for providing relief to the uninsured flood-affected traders and destitute, to help them revive their livelihood.

“Under the scheme, the shopkeepers whose turnover is up to Rs 5 lakh are being provided Rs 1 lakh compensation, while as those whose turnover is less than Rs 10 lakh are given assistance of Rs 1.50 lakh by the Government. The uninsured traders whose turnover was more than Rs 10 lakh, are given cash assistance of Rs 2 lakh,” he said and added that hundreds of shopkeepers and destitute have already been handed-over compensation under the scheme and the process is on.

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(Reporting by Saleem Iqbal Qadri)

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