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Facebook celebrating its 12th anniversary

Mumbai, Feb 4: Facebook turned 12 today and the social networking giant is celebrating the anniversary with its 1.6 billion users by gifting them friendship collages, which are basically video presentations in the form of cards. These cards contain the photos of friends and family that have been previously shared by the users on their Facebook timeline.

The Facebook team recognizes the occasion as “Friend’s Day” and wants its user base to celebrate their life stories via pictures and videos. The new friendship collage feature comprises of videos that stitch together the captured moments of your life with your friends in a short film that can also be edited and shared. Users can view their video at the top of News Feed, or by clicking “Watch Yours” below a friend’s Friends Day video. If you are still not able to see your friendship collage, then this link will help you out.

The team at Facebook is also releasing two sticker packs called “Best Friends” and “Friendship.” These packs are now available to download for free in the Sticker Store and can also be accessed through Facebook messenger.

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