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Leo (Simha) Horoscope 2014

Leo (Simha) Horoscope 2014:

This 2014 Forecast is based on Moon Sign. This Yearly horoscope forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts. The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle .Leo 2014 horoscope, is here to welcome you into the year 2013. When you think of Leo, you think of the Lion, the majestic, royal and powerful king of jungle. The mascot for this sign is perfect to describe the people associated with it..There are three constellations in Leo, which are Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttar Phalguni. These constellations are ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun respectively. Leo natives are broad shouldered, majestic in appearance, have strong bones and are authoritative. They always like to be the centre of attraction, which is why many Leos opt for a career in the field of arts and performance which requires charisma and the right skills. But sometimes, they act the opposite of what is described above like being arrogant, impatient, dominating and that huge ego may not go well with everyone.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Money & Finances Horoscope:

2014 begins in an amazing manner. You would be on a roll throughout as gains & growth in financial matters would come very easily & naturally to you. You should keep a balanced view however since such substantial & easy gains could bring in compliancy in money matters. You need to remember that excellent times do get over & so your efforts should be on two levels. First to maximize your gains till June 2014, so get as to get you the best possible economic advantage. Second to be prepared for a slowdown. While the slowdown would not be a bad period for you but still it would feel like a come down & so unwinding high financial positions after June 2014 might be the sensible thing to do.                        .

July onwards you might plan on purchasing a new property or invest in a large vehicle. This might stretch your finances somewhat. It would be useful to thing a bit ahead & make provisions based on higher expenses and lower than normal income for this period.                                             .
A new source of income will also open up from July / August 2014. There might be an element of illegality or departure from norms. As long as you can keep that under control, the finances will continue to be comfortable.
Period to think carefully in finances is suggested during January, April, May & June 2014. These are months when you might be prone to extravagance & waste in money matters. You need to be cautious &avoid waste during these months.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Family:

As per Leo 2014 horoscope, the first few months might prove to be tense and will test your patience but hold on to your cool and things will get better. Take good care of the children because there might be health issues with them, if proper precaution is not taken then it might lead to further complications. All these tensions in the family might lead to stress. But as we always say, stay calm and think positive and soon there will be peace and harmony in the family. You will enjoy some quality time with your family.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Health:

Health wise there will not be any major trouble this year, predicts Leo 2014 horoscope. You will enjoy sound health but take care of your arms, backbone, thighs and lower abdomen. These are the areas that can be affected but the impact will be minor and will not be a cause of much worry. So, do not stress yourself too much, stay calm and think straight.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Love:

According to Leo 2014 horoscope, love is in full bloom this year. You have caught the cupid’s attention. Sometime after March there are chances of you meeting your match and there are indications that it will be for long term. Married couples may face some troubles initially but after March there will be understanding and harmony in their lives, says Leo 2014 horoscope. Your words will be your strength. So, talk sweatly and have a lovely year.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Career:

Work and power is something you are very good at, says Leo 2014 horoscope. Your drive for success and power pushes you forward. You do not stop until you reach the top. Well, 2014 looks very promising with matters concerning your work and career. Those involved in business and trade will do some long distance travelling, which will bring good results. Those in jobs will also come up with good reports of their performances. Any sector that you choose will prove to be a success but what you need is to make correct decisions and meet the right people. There are elements that might conspire against you but you will overcome it.

Leo Horoscope 2014 for Education:

Students will be performing well this year, predicts Leo 2014 horoscope. For those in Medicine, Engineering, and Management this will be a great year. Those involved in other fields will also do well. For Leo, education is a very promising prospect this year. So keep focused and enjoy the benefits, suggests Leo 2014 horoscope.

General overview 2014

Horoscope 2014 brings a year with lots of favorable results for the Leos. Complimentary stars are indicating happy family life during this time. There will be increase in sources of income in 2014. Friends and brothers will support you a lot. As per astrology 2014, this time is also good for education and children. Since Saturn is in fifth house, therefore worries related to your progeny may arise. Feel good as your health will remain good. In 2014, you will enjoy your love life. Depending on horoscope 2014 astrology predictions, this time period seems prosperous for your career as well. Possibility of promotion is also there. Students will get success in competitive exams in 2014. Increase in expenses and health complications are possible in the second part of the year. Also, you may have to go on useless journeys. 2014 astrology predictions say watering Peepal tree will help you in getting the best of your luck.

Leo Monthly Horoscope 2014:

Leo 2014 January Horoscope: Some amount of haughtiness would be present in your mind. This might bring ego hassles with children as well as create controversy in personal matters. You could be creatively inclined till the 14th January. Beyond the 14th, a new energy would come into your life. You will be resourceful dynamic and obtain the support of your superiors, bosses and even those in government position. A very good time to overcome competition. Health will improve for you in the latter part of this month.

Leo 2014 February Horoscope: Vibrancy in career, general life would continue till the 12th February. Health & energy would be upbeat during this time too. Good progress in career as well as areas connected with your profession. It’s a good time to take the support of your boss as support & goodwill would be quite high in the first half of the month. Ego hassles with partners (spouse of in serious relationship) could build up after the 13th February. Issues could rise as your need to dominate spouse could cause problems. Avoid controversy and work on raising the level of bonding.

Leo 2014 March Horoscope: Problems in joint areas of work & life such as relationships, partnerships & marital matters would persist till 15th March. There would be some redeeming opportunities as long as you are flexible & follow the greater wisdom of how to deal with others. Beyond the 16th March, a dip in energy levels would be felt. There could be poorer health or lower energy. Confidence and general ability to push matters could go down too. Avoid too much activity or piling up your work schedule now.

Leo 2014 April Horoscope: Hurdles, low immunity & stamina would bother you till the 14th April. There would be feeling of exasperation at times due to mismatch in expectations & results till the 14th. Not an easy period so avoid heavy commitments. Beyond the 15th April, luck would rise. There would be improvements at work as well as in personal matters. Travel would be pleasurable. An exciting period, when wealth would increase. Opposition to your ideas would be high. There could be tiffs with partners.

Leo 2014 May Horoscope: Positive period would run till the 14th May. You will do well, prosper generally and growth will be felt. Pleasant thoughts till the 14th May. A very dynamic & focused period for you after the 15th May. Career would be in the limelight & pick up rapidly. Superiors, boss & people in position of authority would be instrumental in being the engines of growth for you. Confidence, health & dynamism would be at a high during this time. Avoid excessive ego with children or parents.

Leo 2014 June Horoscope: A very positive & gain oriented period runs till the 15th June. You will find excellent progress at work. New ideas and being in control of all you do would be possible till the 15th June. Work hard & make the most of this time now. Beyond the 16th June is a period of progress & gains. All efforts made now would bring in maximum growth for you. Finances will look up and you will also get some great time with friends. Socially a very nice period.

Leo 2014 July Horoscope: A positive period socially till the 15th July. You will find your social diary filled up & opportunity to meet with old friends now. Income would be high & you would do well in any financial matter now. Good period to indulge in mild speculation as well as indoor games like cards etc. A dip in energy, confidence & growth could be felt after the 16th July. You should slow down financial activity after the 16th since chances of losses, wasteful expenses and such issues would be felt. Chances of investment in real estate possible during this period. Avoid start of major projects now.

Leo 2014 August Horoscope: Slow period would continue till the 15th August. You would have some amount of trouble in finances, so remain very conscious. Fatigue, sleepiness / state of tiredness could be felt frequently. It would be useful to defer any activity requiring much energy or involvement to the second half of the month. A return in focus, stamina & energy would be felt after the 16th. You will be energetic, fixed in your outlook & result oriented now. Ego & self centeredness could go up. Avoid any conflicts due to this particular state of mind.

Leo 2014 September Horoscope: Hard work & focus at work would bring in good returns for you. Avoid ego in your dealings with others till the 15th September. Beyond the 16th September you should be careful about facial or dental problems. Further ego in speech could be present which could lead to issues with people close to you as well as family members. Wealth could rise due to you hard work.

Leo 2014 October Horoscope: Health problems related to mouth & face possible till the 16th October. You have to be careful in your communications & speech. It would be useful to be humble & down to earth in dealing with others. A vibrant & positive period of growth could commence after the 17th October. There would be new avenues of work & growth now. Energy levels would be high this month too. You should control aggression with your team.

Leo 2014 November Horoscope: Period of growth & progress would operate till the 15th November. Growth would be felt in multiple areas of your life. Work would progress the most & new avenues would bring in much gains & growth. Beyond the 16th November you would be in touch with a larger number of people. Grassroots level of growth would be felt now. A particular type of animosity towards extended family & friends. There would be changes of purchasing a vehicle.

Leo 2014 December Horoscope: Issues & competition with family will persist now till the 16th December. You will come across a lot of new people. It would result in higher number of friends on your facebook page & would do well for your profession too. Issues & ego with children could be felt after the 17th December. You will be creative and find much to do with your family now. New ideas and project could get shape now.

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